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  1. Hi I have a shop on my new red, 4040 and (it's not done yet at all) I sell a lot of random stuff really cheap. I was originally selling diamonds for 9r each but apparently there was a huge inflation while I was gone so now they are 70r. I'll post pics later but I sell just a ton of stuff for at least under 19r unless it's something else. But I'm Gonna be selling stuff like emeralds and iron for like 8r each and maybe 13 for emeralds.
    So yeah go to 4040 to my little shop, it might be out of stalk but I'll refill it soon.
    Donations would be awesome since I basicly have 0% of money/tools/anything. Also help building the shop will be nice. I'm going to make it look crazy. It'll have 3 floors atm only most of the chests on floor 1 is ready for selling.
    Lots basicly going to be like 3660 (my old shop and if you remember it I will personally give you 500r also if you remember my blue mall and my Quartz palace doesn't count since I made that when I was rich but I'm poor as a potato right now. so yeah please go buy stuff like my extremely cheap wood.
    Also I'll try not to burn this one down
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  2. Also thanks to MCTableKid for giving me 1k and for donating wood and helping build :D
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  3. Also I don't know what is in the demand like what people want for cheap, if you tell me I'll try to get them and sell
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  4. People like diamonds... :)
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  5. Ok cool go buy them :D
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  6. Iron ingots are valued at about 3r per these days
  7. Anymore help needed? I really like helping people out.:)
  8. I'm selling stuff really cheap,
    Like I sold a diamond horse armor for 30r :p
    Really good deals here so yea check me out, I'm out of stalk on some items, like jennypoo bought wood and mman bought like everything else and so did others. I made more sell signs and I made the ceiling pretty cool
  9. Added item frames to chests and made a lot more sell signs and it's just cooler