" The Stronghold "

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    500 year ago lived three kings, known as "Gods". Due to economy fall, revolution, chaos, "bombings" and etc. At their last day being the kings, they went to steal (alot!) golds and diamonds from the country bank!. Altough noone knows where the location of this bank they robbed.
    Many Years later.... they have been cought, and killed, of course. Then they were labeled "Dead Gods".. becase they were gods... and they killed him... ANYWAY then a miner found some sort of entrance and believed thats the place where the dead gods buried*the treausre* it.

    He went to inform everyone and every single veteran adventure in the world went to the "Stronghold", but were never heard again. Maybe they founded it and went to rich people clubs?
    Or got killed? Took them slaves? Download the map (even tough not yet released) and find the truth!

    Total 4 chapters will be in this adventure map.



    (Page 1 posts is mainly talking about the interactive video, which is NO LONGER up)
  2. Soo.... When I click play it where will it send me too? :eek:
  3. This is pretty cool, I have;nt seen one of em' in a while. :)
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  4. I will tell you the sequence X
  5. If you press Heck No its so funny!!
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  6. HINT: There are three more annotations, one at where library key lies.
  7. Stronghold2

  8. Added link to go back to Entrance video.
  9. Bump, bump, bump, bumpity bumpity, this weekend or somewhere next week should be level 1 finished, hopefully....
  10. I already went to the library key in 2 minuites!
  11. Once again bump, bumpumpub. ANYWAY level 1 should be fully finished (library part, not the key one) on Monday 23rd July, am almost finishing editing library clips.
  12. UPDATE! The game is now a adventure map!
  13. Bumped for new update viewing.
  14. can you send me the download link? (for the adverture map)
  15. Chapter 1 (A.K.A level 1) is not yet ready, needs few more rooms and then chapter 1 should be ready to be released.
    There will be total 4 chapters. (in one map)
  16. Removed interactive video. Adventure map Level 1 estimated August 19.
  17. This is a VERY orginal idea.... *Insert sarcasm here*
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  18. /:p
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  19. Bump. Tommorow the map will be released!
  20. Map released.
    *Expects negative posts*