The strangest thing someone has griefed?

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  1. We've all had something destroyed out in the wild that we spent time and effort lovingly constructing. This thread is not about those instances; rather those times when you just think: "huh?" Like the time when someone destroyed one of my mile markers, but placed the sign in one of my nearby chests...

    What bizarre stories can anyone else tell of?
  2. I had a home in the wild and someone stole my netherack floor, but didn't touch my chests / other valuable items.
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  3. I dont know why anyone would take netherack from a house. You can walk 100 blocks out of the nether and pick it up for free.
  4. Some people are scared of the Oblivion planes.
  5. It was prob a noob that was like WOW RARE! Or possibly just someone who wanted to get in my head (and it worked lol)
  6. people keep taking my wooden stairs off the bridges on smp4. I guess wooden stairs are worth something, but they still take the cobblestone stairs now too. They do it to spite me.
  7. Outside the empire, I once had a Baloon House like in the Movie "up" and somebody build a flying Cobblestone "building" (square Block). Well the other day I came back and the owner of the cobble block spamed chat he got griefed. And his home was completly destroyed!

    So I went check it out looked at it from my house and well what shall I say. A wonderful flying hanging garden awaitet me. The "griefer" made this ugly block into a nice looking flying island with trees and stuff. Mods came to the same conclusion and so it got saved as natural monument... I was happy, having a nice view instead of cobble block and the "owner" got a replace cobble block further away from me ^^
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  8. Lol that is more of a reverse grief.
  9. Someone dare grief justin. :eek: that person is really dumb and insane.