The Story of Porkchop (2013-2013)

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  1. On 9-12-13, many pigs were spawned in fishoman22's second res for the pig grinder. One pig was not like the other pigs, so he was kept safe. His name was Porkchop. He lived a good life. Porkchop was fed the best kinds of Porkchop and carrots (yeah he was basically a cannibal). Porkchop was sent to the fabled Pig Land daily. One day fisho made a friend with buck_master17. Fisho gave buck porkchop as a gift. Porkchop's favorite thing to do with buck was watching him twerk. On 10-19-13, he was being toured around EMC. Buck left to get some groceries. Porkchop found a lava pit and was curious. He got close. Too close. Porkchop fell in the lava but was able to get out. As he was on fire, he went to fisho and said his last words. " BLECH" then he died. A funeral will be help for Porkchop on 10-20-13 (Tomorrow).

    People Involved in the story: me (fisho) buck_master17 porkchop

    NOTE:This is a partially true story and the funeral WILL be held tomorrow at 1905 in smp1. R.I.P. Porkchop you will be missed... Also I made this for fun :p. The picture attached is Lil Porkchop and his parents :)

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  2. This story is brought to you by Fisho's Pokémall!