The Stone & Glass Co.

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  1. Starting up a new business: The Stone & Glass Co.
    Fast and Friendly service

    Stone: 45r a stack
    Stone Bricks: 45 r a stack
    Glass: 48r a stack

    (minimum of 27 stacks each per order)

    Res you want delivered
    The Quantity of each item
  2. ill take 30 stacks of everything plz and how much
  3. 4140 rupees for everything
  4. Can I please have 27 stacks of glass and 27 stacks of stone and 27 stacks of stone brick. BTW I'm just going to repeat this order another 7 times.
  5. Oh and delivered to 540 smp1
  6. FYI, it says minimum of 27 stacks not maximum
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  7. how much for a double chest of glass????
  8. LOL thank you!!!
  9. 54*45r=2592r
  10. My order:
    54 stacks (a double chest)
    2430 Rupees
  11. I think that this is a little to cheap
  12. Thanks! When will it be ready?
  13. I highly doubt these orders will be completed within 3 months but here we go anyway.

    -Stone - 22 stacks
    -Glass - 54 stacks
    I'll throw in 300r if you set up access chests for me at your res and PM me when they're ready :)
  14. I hereby order :)

    Glass - 4 double chests (216 stacks)
    Stone - 2 double chests (108 stacks)
    I'll pay 5% more for fast delivery (within a week).

    Please send me a PM (start conversation) for further details.
    Thank you!
  15. Could you get me15 stacks of everything?

    And how much will that total?