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  1. Hello there, i am sonicol1 and i am consider (in other servers not EMC) the statue maker or pixel art or whatever u want to call it. I offer myself to make statues to whoever wants it for a reasonable price, (u tell me the price and we dicuss).

    My rules: 1- You need to give me the materials.( i am a little short of stuff and money so D:)
    2-If the materials are over and you logged off, i will leave (dont worry when u log in, i will come back and ask you for more materials)
    3- I got school and stuff so please be patient with me :D
    4- I dont make animals or mobs. I make youfrself in a statue. ( we can discuss about this)
    5- To make the statue of yourself, I will ask you to stay still because i will take screenshots of each angles of you, also i can add a pickaxe or sword, or spade,or hoe in your hand :D
    6- I make statues 1 at a time. (i will post when i am done with a statue)

    To contact me:
    I live in smp7 just do /v sonicol1
    I normally conect at 4:00PM eastern

    I promise not to be lazy even if its my nature xD
  2. Sounds cool. Might try it :p
  3. just tell me if you want :D
  4. You might also want people to send you their skin, if possible.
  5. How much for a statue? For the life of me i cant make my skin...
  6. yeah, :D, but screenshots are useful too

    thc equinox
  7. well offer me a price
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  8. This sounds cool. I would suggest using this tool to assist you with making their skin. Basically this program allows you to load in anybody's skin into the program using their Minecraft username and then let's you rotate the module any way you want. I would assume this would be extrememly useful considering your making statues and a lot easier to understand where blocks are meant to go instead of looking at screenshots.
    You can directly download Minecraft Skin Viewer here:!661
    Hope this helps,
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  9. :O, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, yeah i hate counting the blocks in a screenshots
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  10. hmm... 500r? I'll let u know once i get all the wool...
  11. deal, okay :D pm or something
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  12. Hopefully some day you will do mobs. :)
  13. i will was thinking that too xD: if my job is very famous, maybe mods, or seniors, or admins will ask me :D, luckily i think i got my first costumer
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  14. GOT my first costumer :D
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