The State of the SMP 1 Economy

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  1. hey guys waffle here. so as the title states I am talking about my home server, SMP1. since all of the main malls are either out of stock or their owners are "out of town" -729. or just missing in general. Oh and since the recent scare of the sheep center of the empire is closing due to lag, I feel that my servers econ is failing. all the rich players aren't buying anything or stocking their shops. and no one has any goods to sell.

    I don't know what to do at the moment because all the people on SMP1 know what I am talking about. the owners of the stoers will obviously object even though they know I am right.

    I have been apart of the empire for approx. 275 days and counting, however I have never seen the economy or the server as it stands now. maybe after 1.4 it will fix I don't know. all I know is that I look to the future for a better day and a better economy.
  2. Well, PThagaard gots a mall.
  3. I'm making the Emerald Facility, so don't worry :)
  4. I believe alot has to do with our current town bugs. These bugs are scary to alot of people, especially the rollback, and has some people simply not wanting to do stuff at the moment.

    I'm hoping to have something testable this weekend... thats a big hope... but well see how it goes.

    Also the sheep farm is not closing, and the limiter isnt even in place yet.

    Just give us some time please, once we get the bugs fixed, justin gets back, and we get EMC back running full speed, things will return to normal :) I'm trying to get the cow to push update info to you guys as fast as we get it.
  5. You can always come shop on SMP9 :)
  6. Smp2 is a lot better ;)
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  7. State of the SMP1 Economy: Revised
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  8. Well the owners of the too biggest shops on smp1 are currently away,but 1783 is still being kept pretty good care of by Happyshopper and kells will be back soon I think, so I really have no problems with the economy right now.