"The Stacked" My 1st creation on EmpireMineCraft.

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by yuxuanaoi, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. View attachment 351 View attachment 351 View attachment 351 2011-11-19_11.21.25.png 2011-11-19_11.21.52.png 2011-11-19_11.22.02.png 2011-11-19_11.21.25.png 2011-11-19_11.21.52.png 2011-11-19_11.22.02.png 2011-11-19_11.20.40.png "The Stacked" is my 1st creation on minecraft.
    It is completely original.
    It is my house, and It is also a mall, which sells the cheapest stuff.
    If you can find anything cheaper, tell me my price will decrease.
    At the moment it has 4 storeys, and in future therewill be probably 5-8 Storeys
    Most likey 6.
    Be sure to Check it out!
    /v yuxuanaoi or /v 3135
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  2. hi there^^

    she has a great store...make sure to visit it!!!!
  3. You should post a screenshot :) you can upload directly to a post on the site :)
  4. Aww only 2 reply D:
  5. Just saw the screenshots, very nice :) :)
  6. I actually cleared a residence across from this yesterday. I had to stop and go look at it up close. It's impressive. Funny you posted this when you did, haha! Good job.
  7. Haha thats awesome, does it have Japanese influence in it? Welldone!
  8. Great work originallity is hard to come by these days this must of took awhile and Alot of gathering
  9. You should look at it in the game. It looks better there C: Thanks!
    Maybe... From my dad cause he is a architect :p but this idea is from me. Thanks!
    Nah you just got to be unique and creative. (The wool cost me a fortune. Lol) Thanks!

    So Guys Check It Out At SMP2.EMPIREMINECRAFT.COM /v 3135 or /v yuxusnsoi
    Perhaps even buy something from my shop C:
  10. Looks nice! great work!
  11. Btw guys it got copied by jennypoo10 I hate Copycats and I am not happy about her copying my Residence.
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