The SSRC Downtown in SMP2

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  1. These are some picture I gathered and took to demonstrate how cool living in downtown SMP2 can be!

    *(Above) Not in the SSRC district, But is a very important part of Downtown SMP2*

    I just really liked these images so I thought I'd share them with all of EMC. This is what I call the "New York City of EMC; SMP2!" If you'd like to, you can post other images of your SMP and why you're proud to call it your home.
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  2. as someone planning out a similar downtown on smp8 I can say this is right up my alley, a true delight to the aural sense. Excellent work :)
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  3. Thank you it's been an uphill battle to get to where we are now. :) And we only plan on doing, and getting better :)
  4. If you guys take a look from the live map as well it is truly an astonishing view of SMP2 SSRC/Other district. Put it in 3-D mode i think I've spent hours just looking around admiring the cool builds :D
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