The Spire.

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  1. Hey everyone, after months of consideration and rebuilding, my new hotel "The Spire" is finally ready to receive its first guests! I've spent a lot of money (About 50,000R) and time getting this creation to what I feel is a good standard.

    Resident Information:
    Well, every resident will receive all rights within the residence, apart from "Use" so as to protect doors and chests. Any reports of theft and/or damage will be investigated thoroughly, and if found guilty you will be ejected with no refund. All rooms will cost the flat rate price of either 600R or 750R to buy forever, or a cost of 25R per week. *

    In addition, I also have an underground development known as "Cave City". As of right now, it is only 25% complete, but there are still residences available for purchase! There are currently 5 residences available for purchase at the cost of 500R for permanent ownership.

    * It should be noted that if you do not sign in for a period of 14 days you will be ejected with no refund. Gonna be gone more than 14 days? Send me a message on the website and I'll exempt you from this until you return :)

    So you're probably thinking what does this place even look like?! Well, here are some pictures for you;

    Here's a little handy guide to what the photos are actually of too;
    1 - Outside front veiw of The Spire
    2 - Inside veiw of through front doors
    3 + 4 - Social Area inside reception
    5 + 6 - Empty shop, anyone wishing to fill it can contact me :)
    7 + 8 - 2 Shots of room 1
    9+10 - 2 shots of the opposite room
    11 + 12 - 2 Shots of larger room at front of building
    13 + 14 - 2 Shots of opposite room
    15 - Stairway down to Cave City
    16 + 17 + 18 - Shots of Cave City buildings.

    So that's it really, if you're interested then send me a message, and feel free to ask any questions! :)
  2. I might buy. What sever?
  3. SMP1, residence 1532 :)
  4. As I have nothing going on in SMP1, I will buy! :) Its 500R forever, right?
  5. 500R or 750R depending on the room you choose :) I'll head there right now to show you what's available :)
  6. It says I can't go on your lot...
  7. I dont have the permission to visit you
  8. Try again now :)
  9. I would like a room
  10. I'll hop on right now if that's okay with you?
  11. Impressive! Very well built!
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  12. Thanks Justin :D Much better than my old hotel :p You seen the Cave City?
  13. SUCKER HIM IN JOHNNY! I mean... ask him if he wants a room.. hehe..
  14. I would, but I don't have a King room yet ;) Haha :p
  15. Its not really a "Spire" Spire means tower, thats a big building.
  16. "The Big Building" didn't have the same ring to it, sorry.
  17. Add a spire point to the top :D
  18. I will once I'm finished, but that wont be for a while, I want to add a lot of floors :D
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  19. Hey im on smp1 for a few minutes if youre on