The SMP9 Community Sheep Farm

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  1. *TheSpyPie thought it would be better if I posted this, please send all donations to him and these are his words:*

    Hello EMC, TheSpyPie is making a Community Sheep Farm - much like the community farm on AlexChance's res at 4006 SMP2.

    The residence needs to be completely dug out, so he needs workers, but unfortunately he cannot afford to hire them.

    He would really appreciate it if you could donate to *TheSpyPie* Without donations he cant make this for everyone to use and enjoy.
    The residence is on SMP9 /v 18477
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  2. Thanks Alex.
    So yeah everyone I would really appreciate this if anyone could donate.
  3. Everyone who donates will get there name and res number on my wall when this project is complete :D
  4. I like public stuff. Especially sheep farms. *Donates*
  5. Thanks. :)
  6. Can I donate sheep?
  7. Sure that would help alot :)