The smp5 FIRST Roman Colisseum!! 10056

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  1. Hello EMC!

    On smp5 I have been busy building various creations on my other accounts residences (Bobmarlyispr0 and Funkymonkee99) you should check out my shop in a huge country mansion at 10054. But anyway that's not what this thread is all about. I need to know what YOU want to be done with my coliseum, the main structure of the building will remain the same but I want to know what everyone thinks should be done with my creation!

    For example: A place which everyone can have their own private small shops, a public meeting place, a performing drama/productions arena? The possibilities are absolutely endless!!

    So, what can you do? Firstly visit #10056 on smp5 and look around the building and way up the possibilities of what it could turn in to and be used for. The second step, is sharing your ideas in the comments! And I will choose the best and most useful idea and the person who comes up with the winning idea will work along side me to transform the coliseum into a place of magic!!

    Good luck and get thinking!

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  2. Can you post pictures?
  3. Here are the pictures! (The finishing off and decorating is still to be done)

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