The SMP4 Project Needs Enchanted Books!

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  1. We have gotten to the level of players involved that we are making tools and armor daily now. It is a project that is a bit overwhelming at times but worth every minute!
    If you all know of CHEAP books let us know.
    We mostly need:
    Unbreaking III ( II if cheap)
    Protection IV
    Silk Touch
    Eff IV and V (Will take II and III if cheap) :)
    Feather Falling IV
    Fire Resistance IV

    Please let us know here or catch anyone at 8100....

    If you want to donate we will gladly accept them in the Donation Chests at 8100 on SMP4 :)

    Thanks A Bunch!
  2. You can let me know where they are at and I will go get them :D