The SMP3 Wild Project

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  1. Hello All of EMC

    I am starting a project that I hope more people will take
    part in. If you are from SMP3 you know that the wild is a little
    messed up, and the roads that were built are a little..
    Thats why I am starting this project
    to help the wilderness
    and give back what was given!

    But odd, What is TSMP3P?
    Well Random Forumer, It is The SMP3 Project.
    What does it do? well thats simple
    We build roads, outposts, and just make the wilderness look not so...

    Oh! This seems cool! How can I help?!
    Well. We have a list of things that can be done.
    1: Donate cobblestone to 6004
    2: Donate Dirt to 6004
    3: Volunteers to help
    4: People to spread the word

    So odd, I helped, what do I win?!
    Well you get a few things.
    A small achievement banner (related to your helping)
    and the feel that knowing you helped out the EMC, the wild, and its players.
    Thats the greatest feel you can ever have.

    In the future:
    I would not mind getting people in more SMP's involved.
    ONLY if the smp3 project goes well.

    If your from diffrent smp's, feel free to help/donate.
    we would love you to!

    Special Thanks(Get your name here for helping!):
    fr33r1d3r. Placed dirt along roads
    Someone random, gave me a pick

    Note: We do not accept (r) donations. Items only please.
    This is a non profit organization.

    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

  2. Banners:
    (well have a more official one if it gets big)
    Also, PLEASE link your banner to the forum post. Youd be a huge help
    Donated cobble:

    Donated Dirt:


    If you want to make a bigger one, go ahead. Im thinking people dont want a lot of
    room being taken up.

    If you want to make a official banner, feel free to PM me!
  3. No matter how hard you try the wilderness will go back to how it was one day later.
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  4. Well yes I fully aggre with that, but why not make it useful while its here?
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  5. Many people leave the bridges alone. People always appreciate the fast travel over the barren landscape of the PRA.
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  6. bump...? I really think this should be done!
  7. Why didn't you put that in the middle?
  8. In a few minutes im going to go patch up some creeper holes out there
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  9. Ok I'll donate tommorow - or the next day! (lol)!
  10. That's not even funny.
    Do you make jokes often?
  11. no, wasn't supposed to be..
  12. It obviously was ment to be if you wrote 'lol'
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  13. I will give you a better joke.

    What does a Creeper look for in a girl, a EXPLOSIVE personality!
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  14. i always write lol
  15. It means "laughing out loud," so you really shouldn't write it unless that's the impression you want to give people.
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  16. Yeah I know but I usually put it anyway but I think I'll probably stop now