The Smp1 shop plot!

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  1. The shop plot is an ideas created by bonzd with his playerhops idea. I am creating another version of it on my res with larger plots. Each plot is roughly an eighth of a res. If that is too big for you or you are super compact, a smaller plot is available.
    Applying for a plot:
    Cost: A normal sized plot cost 1000 week. this may seem like a lot but really isn't in comparison to the amount you can make on voting alone. If that still seems like too much, other players can pay it off for you. Each plot has a "support me" chest where they can spend money and 100% of it will go straight to your rent. A half sized plot is half the cost.

    To apply, use the following format:
    general idea of what you will sell/theme of the shop:
    Do you currently own a shop:
    Have you read the disclaimer:

    Disclaimer: If your rent is not paid for within 1 week after it is due, or your shop remains out of stock for 2 weeks, I reserve the right to move all of your items into a storage where they will remain until you are able to pick them up. If I am unable to collect an item or something gets lost for some odd reason, I will pay to have it replaced. the plot you once owned will be resold once everything is cleared. I will try to contact everyone the best I can to alert them of any rupees that need to be paid.

    Getting to the res:
    Use /v jkrmnj on smp1 to get there.
    What can I get there?
    jkrmnj's shop: bookstore (in progress)

    Plots are currently being sold!
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  3. Another bump. there are many plots available still.
  4. Any interest here?
  5. The first 3 people to order a plot get 50% of for the entire time they use it.