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  1. Cool! Good luck on building it! :)
  2. I might have to get a portal. I am not quite sure though
  3. xD so all the money (or a lot at least) is going to the builder?!?
  4. I think I've seen the same design on YouTube :) The same one's being built on SMP2.
  5. I think it's Misa's.
    Lol -.-
  6. Misa's HD
  7. I reset and started, check out the main post for more info.
  8. Just remember there's a few around :)
  9. Not his texture pack
  10. Whatever Misa's
  11. Check out edit #2 in the main post! im getting there!
  12. Ok I have decided to make the megastore for the whole community, (I mean anyone can sell there)

    but its not done yet
  13. Might check this out :D