the smp1 amuzement park!

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do you want to visit the park?

yes 11 vote(s) 78.6%
no 3 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. hi, a while ago i started my biggest project in emc so far, i decided to make a amuzement park on my entire res. between desember 2011 and february 2012 i built THE SMP1 AMUSEMENT PARK. the reason i publish this now is because of i dont realy have time to play minecraft now, this is because i am a very active bmx ride. but since im having a break from my bike (beacause of an injury) i post the park now.
    attraction list: Rollercoaster with deathdrop (bring your own minecart)
    Dark maze
    Skydive (with colored wool from sky layer to bedrock)
    Ice trail
    Animal farm (some animals have despawned)
    Waterslide/jumping board

    Enterance is free, but if the gate is closed the park is undergoing maintainence (this will happen rarely)

    hope you will enjoy the park, and here are some screenshots

    2012-06-16_15.08.26.png 2012-06-16_15.08.39.png 2012-06-16_15.08.43.png 2012-06-16_15.08.26.png 2012-06-16_15.08.39.png 2012-06-16_15.08.43.png 2012-06-16_15.09.22.png 2012-06-16_15.10.13.png 2012-06-16_15.10.31.png 2012-06-16_15.10.53.png 2012-06-16_15.12.24.png

    THE RES IS 2511!!!
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  2. There is already a national amusement park in smp3.....
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  3. oh snap....
  4. i know. i talked to justinguy about the name. we agreed that i could call it the emc amuzement park. but before i could release my concept the server made its own. then i had to change the name to smp1 amuzement park. i know it sound "copycat" but i was almost done, and i wanted to finish it
  5. BTW! i want some feedback, what should i improve, what should i build, and what shoult i remove?
  6. You should improve your spelling on amusement :p

    What res?
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  7. Wow you guys are really mean. Just because there is already an amusement park doesn't mean he could build another one. If someone made a shop THEN one of your guys made a shop, then I said "Theres already a shop we don't need yours". How would you feel? You would feel bad and guilty inside right? So exactly so you should be telling people stuff like this.

    Unless he copied the amusement park exactly as it is then you have something to argue about. But I think this creation is wonderful.
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  8. WRONG! There is an imperial amusement park!;) And good luck with the creation:)
  9. thanks for the backup guys :) the res is 2511 i cant belive i forgot to mention it
  10. Wat mod do you use that makes it show your coords and not all the other data?
  11. i dont know :p i got a lot of mods installed, even tough not using them on emc. maybe its the xray mod i used on my own server (i dont know if its safe to write this here :p, if a admin want me to delete the mod just send me a message)