The slimeball problem

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  1. i seem to always be looking for slimeballs and no one ever seems to have them! im sure others are havig the same problem so if anyone has a successful slime shop please advertise here
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  2. well i do have over 2 stacks of slimes but how many are you i need of?
  3. On what SMP you are? Just wonderin...
  4. smp6 but how many you need theres no shop 4 it but i can sell u it and make a shop name a price
  5. the problem is either nobody goes deep enough in the caves, or, they just arent looking for them. they are fairly rair to begin with, let alone people not really caring about them.
  6. im not really sure for right now i only need like 10 more, but i like making redstone machines with sticky pistons so i assume i will eventually need more
  7. Stacks and stacks of slimes at my shop on smp3.
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  8. i got a few slime balls too
  9. 9489 on smp4 has slimeballs
  10. i always have this problem i hate nearly everyone on smp2 because they never listen to me when i politely ask if the have any! and i dislike slimes (the mobs) cause they are unpredictable
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  11. Yeah next to no one sells slimes on SMP2 try 3 infiniteloop sells Slimeballs at 30 each :)
  12. You need understand slimes to be able to farm them.
    They only spawn in certain chunks below height 40.
    The small slimes can spawn in a 1x1x2 space, the big needs 3x3x2.
    They have no light requirements to spawn.
    Once spawned they will travel in one direction until a player gets within 16 blocks, they then head towards the player.

    If you find a slime in the wild jumping against a wall you can figure out the direction it has come from. Any chunk along the route could be the spawning chunk. If you are lucky the route is totally enclosed in a single chunk, which means that chunk can spawn slimes. I will then carve out and box off full chunk rooms 15x15x3, light up the rooms to stop other spawns. If you start to visit these rooms every now and then you will eventually find at least one will contain slimes. Once you have found your slime chunks you can make sure all other spawnable areas below 40 are filled in. You will no doubt only get a trickle of slimes but if the room is on a well travelled route you will soon have stacks of slimeballs.
  13. i know on smp6 res 13000 got slimeballs in stock. also smp5 got shops always in stock.
  14. From what I know of slimes need 100% light that's why they spawn near lava and also try make a room with 100% light and it can become a slime farm.
  15. Lots of answers already but we also have slime at 3883 on SMP2. :)
  16. No, they don't need light to spawn, however, lighting areas up causes other mobs not to spawn which makes slimes more likely to spawn.
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