The Silly/serious Contest :)

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  1. alrighty then i am hosting a silly contest, just post something here on this thread and it will be top 10 on the funniest! Its not serious so prices are low, Images are allowed, no videos. :)

    1st Place: 200
    2nd Place: 100
    3rd Place: 50r
    4Th Place:35r
    5Th place: 30r
    6th Place: 25r
    7th place: 20r
    8th Place: 15r
    9th Place: 10 r
    10th place: 9r
    Please make me laugh!
    Dontations are welcome ! :) just sennd me a pm on how much ur donating, and ill update prize money accordingly and list dontators...

    mrSmiley99( :
  2. Have a look at this one!
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  3. Oh i thought this was minecraft related >.<
    I just looked through my screenshots.

    Its not the best, most funny moments, you kinda had to be there.
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  4. SO did I win??
  5. nah only 2 people have joined :)
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  7. Ohhhhhh babies make me laugh...
  8. Oh my god, best thing EVAR! I so thoroughly despise the US customary units, it's one of my grandest pet peeves. I love The Oatmeal so much more now, haha. (^_^)
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  9. Very funny stuff guys! Totz lold Yukon u r currently winning
  10. Are you able to come online atm? I'd like to donate 250r.

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  11. No.
  12. I thought it was funny :(