The Shawshank Shop (Coming soon)

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  1. The Shawshank Shop!

    Hello EMC!
    I decided that I have to build a shop in smp3, because there are not many around. I started building it in creative and I came up with an idea. Why not doing it like a prison? I thought about famous prisons as Alcatraz and Fox River but I decided to call it Shawshank, like the great movie "The Shawshank redemption" Here is a picture of the future project:

    Any help is accepted. If you are willing to, PM me

    This future shop will be built in 6033, the former residence of d1223m, who owned a huge mega mall and was a moderator. This shop will be a BUY/SELL SHOP with PUBLIC FACILITIES and FREE SHEARING.

    Here are some pictures:

    Hope you enjoy it!
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  2. Now opened but not stocked. You can sell your stuff here now
  3. Didn't Pab10s help with this?
  4. Not in this project. I did it all myself
  5. oh, i remember him telling me that he was talking about you, but i didn't know what about.
  6. We've done projects together and we are planning more for the future