The Server Games!

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  1. If you have played on most of the servers you know this: each server has a grudge against the other server. Well I have a solution to the conflict. The server games would settle the grudges and it would be like a Olympic Games sort of thing. It could be sort of like the Yog-Olympics on YouTube done by the yogscast. And in the end of the server games, the winning server could say, get a extra 300 rupee bonus instead of the regular 100. And as a symbol of the winning servers strength, it could also get a Dragon Egg as a trophy! I personally think that this will be a fun little competition between servers. And to determine witch people would participate there would be a little try-out. So give me your ideas and let me know what you think!

    Peace Off!!
  2. Umm, not all severs use rupees, plus, it would be unfair, we would all ALL the events.
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  3. I think they mean between different EMC servers, like smp1, smp2 etc, not between different organisations. :)
  4. Ya exactly what i mean. We would settle grudges in it between the EMC servers but I'm not sure if Utopia should count or not....
  5. Yeah that's because you know we would kick your SMP buts :D
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  6. sounds awesome! maybe not just yog style but skins,builds,redstone circuits, that type of thing too!
  7. And dont forget parkour!
  8. Ya it would be amazing! We need to organize it though... any volunteers :D
  9. Due to the fact many people multie server this might not work, for example I play on SMP 1 and 2.
  10. Yes but not ALL players need to play
  11. For instance they would chose witch they wish to support