The Secret World

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  1. Has anyone tried any of the betas for this? The next one is this weekend and I'm not sure if I should actually bother downloading it.

    It has some interesting gameplay elements and the environments look nice, but overall the game seems very unpolished, particularly the animations and effects. I'm skeptical that these would be updated before release. The UI is very nice though.

    If you want a beta key to play this weekend, head over here:

    You will need to create an MMORPG.COM account if you don't already have one.
  2. Though the game looks interesting, from what I've heard its going to paid/sub. Which means I don't want to even try because I wouldn't be able to play it later if I liked it. A friend already offered me a beta key.
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  3. you could always, you know.... subscribe if you liked it.
  4. The point she's making is that (I'm assuming) she wouldn't be able to afford another subscription game. So it's better to not try the game than to try it, end up liking it and not being able to play it anymore.

    That's pretty much the same way I feel, even if my assumptions weren't entirely correct. However, if it helps, I've concluded that while it's an interesting game on paper, it has been poorly executed and is not worth your time nor your money.
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  5. Core Blaze looks like it will be amazing.
  6. Already play a sub game that I have other friends who play. I have zero friends who are interested in this. I don't solo play subbed mmos.

  7. Was only kidding.