The Second Big Talk

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Eadfrith, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Since it seems my old talk it outdated and ridiculed for myself being banned (I still protest unfairly, hell, even 9removed by staff) tried to speak out in favour of me, and that is saying something) for 'griefing', I have decided to write a brand new one.

    First up, damn nations. Seems everyone is advertising themselves as "Empires" these days! Has been a while since I last saw a Republic, eh? Mind you, democracy doesn't work in Minecraft, or any not-purpose-built-for-roleplaying-government-stuff game. I prefer a strongman structure these days, but eh, those tumble quickly when their leaders leave.

    Point in case EMC Militia, Wrem, etc. I could even say the L.L.O fell when the strongman fell, which in theory was not one man or woman, but pretty much the entire damn L.L.O. Once toured that place, now it seems so ghostly! Carthaga is also slightly inactive in my opinion.

    I had plans, before my alt (CooperCatCycling) got banned. Yes, I admit it (removed by staff), and everyone else. Although, there actually was a CooperCatCycling, but I was the puppetmaster most of the time, for political purposes.

    My plans were to establish a "republic" in the north wild. We had a pretty cute society set out, I had built storerooms, stables, farms, shops for trading, and then I got banned. Things fell to pieces, but that prompted me to design the framework for my very own game, which is still on the drawing board.

    Not so much a talk as my plans... I suppose that. Anyways, goodbye now, I'm tired.