The Sataku Hotel

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  1. The Sataku Hotel

    Current Status:Construction

    10% Complete!

    Welcome to the Official Sataku Hotel thread on The Empire Minecraft Forums. After a long break from EMC, I am back, and I am about to start my biggest project yet, The Sataku Hotel.

    The Sataku Hotel will be SMP2's most premier Hotel, featuring 9 fully planned floors, 2 restaurants, A spa, A casino and lots more!

    It will be a very challenging task, because of the 60x60 block space and the fact that there is no flying and/or free blocks...

    Currently I have planned every floor, and I will start work soon. Currently, the bottom floor is nearly finished, It currently Holds 2 restaurants, a Reception and a Garden (Under Construction).

    I hope you will enjoy exploring the Sataku Hotel when it is built, and I hope to see you all there :)

    This thread will continually be updated with new pictures, features and other things including plans and more!

    I look forward to hearing your respones.

    Jack :)


    Floor 6 - (0%)
    Floor 5 - (0%)
    Floor 4 - (0%)
    Floor 3 - (0%)
    Floor 2 - (0%)
    Floor 1 - (0%)
    GROUND FLOOR - (70%)
    Floor -1 - (0%)
    Floor -2 - (0%)


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  2. You have a 60x60 workspace
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  3. Oops, fixed it :/
  4. Well you will be fighting the blue ribbon hotel, it spans over 4 res's...
  5. Not yet... Although the furniture there is amazing.
    Anyways good luck!