the revalators(guild)

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  1. hey guys I've been thinking and i wanna start a guild. The leaders wil be me and mrmark3673, we will have limited numbers of people allowed in this guild, we will need maybe 2 hunters, 2 miners, 2 builders, we will need trustful people in this guild so plz complete this form. also the point of the guild is to live out in the wild collecting things, actually what the game was about instead of just buying your stuff from town

    what would u like to be:
    how well wil benefit with you in the guild:
    what are you good at:
    can we trust you not to grief:
    will you bring people not apart of the revalators to the base:
    what will u donate to get in:

    plz comment your form
  2. ow nobody wants to join :(
  3. You just made this thread about 30 minutes ago. Give it some time. You might want to include what your guild is about though. What is the purpose of your guild?
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  4. Actually, he only waited 13 minutes before complaining that nobody wanted to join. :p Give it time... and yeah, describe your purpose a little more. Making a guild just to make a guild seems a bit pointless.
  5. Just call me LeGryff
    As first member XD
    Of course not!
    no!Ill let you in my guild XD
  6. accepted
  7. yay... so now what?

    BTW ca you fixmy cobble gen?
  8. we have to wait for other members to join and i can fix the ten because the design does not work as of 1.2.5
  9. ok... i figured out how to do it but your way of making it was weird... ill just fix it on my own