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  1. Hey, guys! :)

    As some of you may know, in the past few months, I've not been very active on the servers. This has been down to some not-so-technical difficulties. My charger for my laptop (which is the only computer I own which is capable of running MC) broke and so I've been trying to replace it. Apparently the charger is specific to my computer and not a regular charger, which has caused problems as I've bought wrong ones and had to send them back.

    Anyways, I digress. Now that the correct charger has been delivered, I am now fully able to play on the servers. I usually inhabit SMP1 through to SMP5 and will be on in about 2/3 hours from now.

    I am expecting many people to not recognise me and be all like 'hey are you a new mod?!' So I will answer that question: No. I am not a new mod. I became a mod back in December. :)

    I also hope to see many familiar faces and I can't wait for some catch-ups.

    I look forward to see all faces- strange or familiar. If you see me online, don't be afraid to talk to me, I don't bite. :)
  2. *Still remembers Malicaii*
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  3. we missed you ^^
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  4. Yay! Will be good to see you on the servers when I come back from a 12 day study hiatus ;););) :)!

    Glad you got the charger, woot, when was the last time I saw you on the servers? XD Too long to even remember hahaha
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  5. of the great white dope? Also you forgot the word inevitable.
  6. Welcome Back :D

    I blew my charger from too much computer activity once........ and it took awhile to replace. I had to use my brothers for a few months 'till I got a new one. We split it every day so by the time I got it, my computer was dead and by the time he got it his was dead!

    Eventually, I got another and now I'm on even more since my new charger will last longer! :D
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  7. Who're you again?

    Pfft, of course I remember you. =P
  8. *Also remembers Malicaii*
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  9. I call haxxx and shenanigans.
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  10. You fail at grey text :p
  11. Yeah I know. I spent like 15 minutes trying to get it right, before giving up.
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  12. Hey i remember youa,
  13. I go eat breakfast with Aikar, come back and see I have new alerts about you guys liking my fail. What's up with that?

    Also, Malicaii, don't bite me, please. :D
  14. I'll have to think about it... I may sting you.
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  15. Well.. At least I am not allergic to bees. They are kind of scary, though. :(
  16. You can't call both at once, I wouldn't know whether to grab my laptop or my broom.
  17. Bees are seriously misunderstood creatures. They're not agressive or scary. Wasps are aggressive. Did you know that wasps attack bees nests? Bees can't really fight back too well, since when they sting they die... They're also bullied by Hornets. Long live bees. <3
  18. Erm.. I just sort of duck and hide from anything that flies in general. I leave the fly swatting to others. >_>
  19. Swatting bees is bad. I always catch them in a jar and let them out outside, usually near flowers :)
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  20. I just got stung by two yesterday on my THIGH