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  1. Many months ago, there was a young, 14 year old boy that went by the name of xert77_jr, he was a nice young kid, with many friends, and a born barterer. But then, an evil force by the name of "Dad" tried to change the computer so he could play Rome total war II, well, he managed to get that working, but everything else was broken, including google. It took these two to fix everything, and there is still much to fix, such as challenging to find a new mother, to keep the computer running, so they look for "motherboard" to rule the cyborg world. Luckly, they managed to fix a master world, called Mine Craft, a large blocky world that many consider "a huge hit" So the young boy now plays this game, starting the first day of scary month...enjoy to see him soon

    YES! im back! if anyone remembers me from around July or early august, i was a friendly merchant, casino owner, AND a overall good architect. I may have to restart everyhing, but hey, i'll be back at least! You need to expect me on OCTOBER 1ST. In the mean while, i'll be playing Town of salem, so BYE BYE :3
  2. Welcome back.
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