The Return of Rant Mondays? [3#]

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  1. Hello ladies and gents! I am back splashing with some new rant mondays(been busy with being busy). This topic is about fanboys, of course, you guys voted for it last month.

    You know what I hate about our pop culture and entertainment nowadays? The fangirls, and the fanboys. For the fangirls, it's Justin Bieber this that and 1Direction this and that and it is SO annoying. I dare you to go on Justin Biebers social websites and go through all the comments. You will soon want to kill yourself.(maybe?) And for the fanboys. I think boys are probably the worse fans, especially the 6 year old fanboys that go on people videos and be like, "wut iz gold? budder budder budder." Listen here fanboy. You know somewhere in your skulled brain in the mists of dust in there, YOU KNOW ITS CALLED GOLD. Go to a new world, find a gold ore, and mine it. What does it say?


    It is the most annoying thing of the whole entire fanboy thing or whatever. And you want to know what I hate about fanboys in minecraft? When you play survival games or something and all of a sudden some dumb youtuber comes in and everyone is like, "I FAN!!!!!!!".

    Well, now that I got some things off my chest, I guess this is probably the end of this episode. Moral of the story: It's okay to like something. It's alright to love something too. It is not okay to have crazy fan gasims all the time.

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  2. Good rant, Sky fanboy's are the worst :p
  3. I mead a budda houase on singel playa an it had squaids 1n it su i suicide...

    Thats what I hate hearing in the comments...
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  4. I'm with you on the budder people. -_-
  5. erm what is this "gold" you speak of, I spread it on my muffins /o3o\
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  6. More people ranting about the"budder" thing?


    COME ON PEOPLE, let it go!
  7. I must rant.. for teh children! I watch sky does minecraft so I am not a hater. :p
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  8. Poll over, new rant this monday! Bump! :D