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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MrWhosMagic, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Well,

    It is time I make my departure from Empire Minecraft.
    I've known for a while now, that I will be leaving
    the Empire before April. I couldn't tell anyone, as it would be to hard to deal with the people asking me to stay, or whatever else comes.
    I'm really sorry to bring it up this way! I would like to thank everyone though, all the Empire Staff and Community! Without I would not be here, as I wouldn't have bothered staying!

    Unfortunately the Empire has become to good and addicting, and has unfortunately prevented me from doing a lot of Real life things. The military means the world to me, I feel I was born for a reason, and the Military is the reason. I hope I can pursue my career choice, but I thought, why not be the best? Thats why I am hoping to make it the SAS. Who Dares Wins. It's that simple, I dare. I will commence my training after I leave the Empire, as my Cadets start in 1 week from Tomorrow. I will train everyday / night. I will make it.

    This comes to my next topic: My auction and my giveaway.

    Of course the Auction is still going! And so is my giveaway! Depending on how much I get in the Auction, but there are some more prizes as well :p

    This is how it will work:
    Pick a number between 1 and 100, In 5 hours time or so, I will then cross out who has what numbers, and will keep doing this every so often. When it comes to the end of the Auction and numbers, I will draw numbers out of a hat and record my self doing it and try to upload it, attached will be the winners below :)

    The winners will get paid, and items get dropped off.

    The catch: Everyone who enters needs it to be valid, so they must write a little something, like goodbye / goodluck, or something like that! They must also let me know want to enter to 2nd chance prize, which is my head, with quite a few of my heads around my place, I will try to pick the best goodluck/goodbye notes to win my head.

    To the Empire Staff and Community: I am deeply sorry I have to leave, I will update this thread as often as I can when I get time to update you on my life etc.
    I would also like to thank everyone there is to thank! Thanks for being the best guys! I will miss you a ton!

    Who Dares Wins.
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  2. 54 first and always.
    Meh, now i gotta run to get those books and drop them off to ya!
    Talk to ya soon.
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  3. Thanks Lance! I will always remember you :D
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  4. 69
    Well Magic over time we became really good friends,without you on the EMC servers will make somewhat of a difference. Well this is goodbye so stay cheddary cheesey and have a good one. :)
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  5. 53 please. :)

    I'll be really sorry to see you go Magic but I know that it will be for the good. :D I hope you reach your goal in life of becoming part of the SAS! Be sure to keep giving us updates on how your doing every so often for I would love to know and see your progress! :D Well that's all I have to say so hope you do well so, so bye Magic. :)
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  6. 59 please
    Goodbye! I know that me and the rat of community will miss and remember you forever! And we all be hoping or the day when you return!
    Sorry if this seems kinda bad, I'm typing this from my phone and I'm supposed to be asleep right now...
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  7. MrWhosMagic, I'll miss ya man :p I remember you telling me you were going to leave and it seems now is that time. Goodbye Magic, and one thing? Stay safe :)
    21 please, sure, if I lose the first draw I'll go into the second chance head draw ;)
    Thanks Magic, and I hope it all works out for you!
  8. I hope you will follow through on keeping in touch. If you get a chance, log in and say hi every once in a while.
    8 please
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  9. 73, sad to see you go, i will miss all your auctions! Good luck though =)
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  10. 7 please.
    Good luck in your future. Pop on the forums/in-game if you can. Good luck and we will all miss you. :)
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  11. 9 please... But... I never really met you :(
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  12. I wish you well in all you do - all the best...... 55 please and good luck :)
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  13. 34, See you star side MrWhosMagic.. c:
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  14. 32 please and farewell.

    EDIT: I'll enter the 2nd chance prize.
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  15. I see the loophole you are using. I'm closing this "goodbye" thread if want make giveaway thread then start a new.
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