The rest of my shop-Auction

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should i do this again?

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  1. what:
    27 stacks of Popped Chorus Fruit
    19 Stacks of Purpur Blocks
    5 Stacks of coal
    2 stacks and 50 blocks of Iron Ore
    7 stacks of Redstone
    a DC of Netherrack
    8 stacks of cobblestone
    4 stacks of Stone
    Punch II Enchant book
    Infinity Enchant Book
    Efficiency V Enchant Book
    Fire Protection II Enchant Book
    Power III Enchant Book
    Pickup: 18229 On Smp9
    Starting bid: 500r
    Minimum bid increasement: 100r
    Auction End: 48 hours after last bid
    This may be my last auction so have fun and safe bidding
  2. You can only auction off regular items in quantities of Dc's, meaning that this auction is invalid
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  3. oh ok sorry
  4. yep, kinda invaild :/
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  5. The DC of netherrack on it's own would be a valid auction but for the rest it may be a good idea to start a [SELLING] thread or even sell them through chat in game :)
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  6. As stated above this is invalid. Closing and have a good day.
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