The Red Wolves

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  1. Red Wolves Creed
    We fight for a world where sustainability means serious business.
    We love a good fight where no one gets hurt and everyone wins.

    We fight to develop innovative concepts, products and services that deliver positive return in the new world economy

    We fight to enable those who are least responsible for the condition of the world today, but are most impacted.

    Good fighters know not to let anger and haste guide their actions, yet never back down from an honorable fight. We believe in fighting the good fight.
    By maxy969 (An original member of the Red Wolves)

    Membership Application:

    Embassy Request Form:
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  3. Da what
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  4. Da Rad Wolfez
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  5. okokok dat maks sence
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  6. I heard red and came running.
  7. Is this a uhc team?
  8. Did someone say red wolves? *brings out bow*
  9. Updated the OP
  10. I've had a lot of these, and I've been a leader of one (Order of angels) I think I lead that one with you, fluff, actually
    gl hf
  11. remember me
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  12. The application form is missing, so a huge block of blank space is in the middle of the thread. :/
  13. I know, I thought I fixed it but apparently not.
  14. The OP has been fixed! Thank you to whatever Staff saw what I did not!
  15. Hit me with that BUMP!