The reason fighting minibosses is pointless

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  1. So I am currently stuck several kilometers out from town in my home server. I am fine and have made a little hotel in a villagers church building.. Tonight I was logged in and while working of finding my friend (whom is also stranded with me in the wild) a donkey or breeding them a mule from my donkey, Marlix decided to rear her bony face. I ran upstairs to drop my inventory so I had less on me should I die.. All I had was 1 arrow, my voter's bow, and voter's armor, plus a little bit of food. Marlix died in 2-3 direct hits, which is extremely unusual as flame on the voters bow should not affect her because of her being on fire already, and the power on the voters bow is extremely weak. The last time I ran into her at a completely different outpost, it took me like 12-15 direct shots and dying several times to kill her. I know I was not hitting the bat, unless the bat's hitbox is in her head/chest area.. o3o ..As such the victory was bitter as I got nothing because apparently she took too much NPD..? I mean How? This village is desert, she flew over the adjacent swamp and that was were I killed her..

  2. I've never had this problem before, although I have heard other complaints about the way this system works.
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  3. I believe they'll occasionally shoot themselves. :(

    Momentus doesn't have this problem, though.
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  4. There is a bug we are investigating that is the cause of the no loot deaths, which I added this debug last night to track down.

    It's likely related to when many people die to the monster which incurs penalty.

    But there does appear to be a separate problem that Marlix is taking random damage, that's why he loses helmet.

    We will fix both soon as we can as the risk gauge system does not nerf loot on miniboss, it only blocks your attack if it suspect something
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  5. Wait... I'm betting it's marking player damage from base and not boosted from buffs and enchants too. Will test theory
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  6. Hmmm, this seems to be a recurring theme.. I just had to fight a momentus in this same area, the moment I log in to head back to town and he decided to glitch himself into a hole (Creeper hole, not a cave system or anything) and so because of the "cramped quarters" of the hole, I am an extravagant 155x tokens richer (unless you count the half chest of wooden swords that I needed to craft midbattle because my bow quit doing damage to the ghost.. I say ghost because I literally shot 30 arrows clean through him without him taking any damage because I was not being drawn in from places that he had been drawing me in from moments prior) for having to solo a momentus in the middle of no where.. I would've just left him to despawn if he had not spawned literally 40 meters from the town I am camping in.
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