The Real EMC Casino/ With Redstone Machinery

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  1. Hello EMC,

    A New Casino is to be launched soon in SMP9 with real working machines! That give you real chance's to win.
    We don not create a huge Casino for a small dispenser. We're making a huge casino with betting, winning, and tokens :). The Casino provides a variety of fun games and a connection to our Shop.

    How The Casino Works

    There are 4 Sections, which also divide the token value.

    Coal - Very Low
    Redstone - Moderate
    Gold - High
    Diamond Very High

    Every game requires a token bet, (unless otherwise) once you have won you have won double what you bet. Each section though has a minimum bet requirement. To each machine there is a rule teleport. PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHAT THE HOW TO PLAY.
    Many of the machines will have duplicates in the room itself.

    2.Tokens Must be PURCHASED to enter the Casino.
    3.ANY INVOLVEMENT in TRICKERY OR SCAM will result in BANISHMENT from the Residence.
    4.ANY False Accusations will Result in a Perminant BAN from the Residence
    5. MUST Folllow the EMC Comendments :)

    Casino Donators

    People who donate to our Casino get really cool perks which also invovles the shop.

    Donator Perks
    1.Name in the Wall of Donators in the Main Lobby
    2.Daily Free Tokens (Depends on donation size)
    3.Free Machine Demo's
    4.Recieve %50 off on selected items in OUR Shop.

    Hope To See You There at the Grand Opening :) Res # 19093 in SMP 9. We are anticipating by 2-3 weeks :D. THE Diamond Section Though will not be running until the Shop is up and running. Various Designs are created by me and Lonerila.

    Thank You for you time!

  2. Have you calculated the odds of winning and posted them on signs near the machines?
  3. Nice, Sounds much like the casino I am working on building, that too will have redstone games,

    How did you find making a redstone slot machine, that was though but we got one working..
  4. Ok good luck!:)
  5. Um, we dont have a slot machine. But we have a huge Room full of dispensers 36 to be exact and the person has a chance to win 36 diamonds :) I could try making one though
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  6. You Guys coming to the Grand Opening?
  7. Hey we have one on smp2 his is EEJester.
  9. This sounds great too.
  10. Do you mind Spreading the words ? Plz and Thank You ;)
  11. Any pictures?
  12. Looks sweet! I'll donate some rupees when I get on later.
  13. okay rember i must be online :)
    v 19093 to donate :)
  14. There are Mini Wheels of fortune, and Russian Roulette :)
  15. Just started Building The Machines PM me if you want a free demo :) so far only one type of machine is up. More tommorrow :)