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  1. it is amazing what you can find on the forums

    like this

    "Hello Emc we are finally here, craspcraft the band off griefers are finally here. We are the ones who huant the players residences, steal peoples rupees when they have hundreds of thousands of them, and yes steal valuebale items like that dragon egg, you have disbelieved many players when they were clearly innocent and we thank you for doing that it's all part of our plan. And yes we will continue to create chaos on the EMC servers :). You cannot and will not destroy us. ~CraspCraft :)"

    the thread turned into things about macs and pcs but it is SOOOO funny
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  2. can you post the thread this was on
  3. lol rofl i remember this, it was so funny he and his alt got banned so fast lol
  4. that felt like so long ago!
    well is this a random thread? just curious because i have a lot of things to say that do not deserve a thread. ;)
  5. I didn't know it was possible to get banned as a guest- lol. /p Mr_Tiny. Didn't even complete the tutorial
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  6. Oh yea Mr_Tiny

    Oh noes.... hes a griefer blah blah
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  7. you cannot and will not destroy "us"

  8. the boom for shootin

    also look at the spesy-spicy
    and hotsy-totsy

  9. if you start seaing stuff like this you know you're brain has melted
  10. Last night, I dreamed that somebody sold me 2 dragon eggs for 100R each. I was pretty angry when I woke up... :p
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  11. ive had dreams like that like in one i made cookies that made you flote and i made a lot of money than i woke up:mad:
  12. Dreaming about Minecraft, pretty addicted..., xD
  13. I lost my diamond armour, unb II eff III diamond pick Smite III Diamond sword 36 diamonds Speed potion and about 15 stacks of melons to a ghast today. ( I was standing on a ledge )
  14. 36 diamonds is bad enough but all the other stuff wow
  15. It felt like it was yesterday lol!!
  16. cool profile pic;)
  17. Me? Thank you! I made it myself. I call it " The Mob Invasion"!