The Race of Survivalism

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  1. So I was at a PvP server (Im not trying to advertise) and they had this thing called the Race of Death! I was so close to winning 200 bucks but thats another story. So I think I shall start something like that except with NO pvp! I named The Race of Survivalism because its survival, and i just like putting Ism on words. So you have to make it to a certain coords given and back first to win! You have 2 options in this game:

    A: Start with Nothing and just pay the 25r fee to play.
    B: Purchase a Kit from me to start out with. (You still have to pay the 25r fee with the kit fee)

    There are 15 kits to choose from, but you can purchase them the day BEFORE the race.

    Q and A

    Q: Whats the prize Redwing?
    A: At minimum there is a base prize of 3 Diamond Blocks but if people want to add more prizes, Im cool with this. But im not passin them out, the prize adder must give the prize to the winner.

    Q: What are the Rules Redwing?
    A: Go to 2336 and check out the Pine Room.

    Q: If I break a rule, what happens?
    A: If its a rule not stated in the Empire Guide or anywhere else moderator related, it prevents you from ever playing in The Race of Survivalism again. But if it is a rule in anywhere moderator related, Ill let the mods have ya and you still cannot play in The Race of Survivalism again.

    Q: If I win Redwing, can I still play the next Races?
    A: Unless you broke a rule, you can.

    Q: Can I use stuff I got from my possession?
    A: Unless you bought a kit and are going to use that kit for the race, no.

    If you got anymore questions, please ask me or go to 2336 smp1

  2. This sounds pretty cool.
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  3. mhm
  4. I'm to lazy to go to 2336
  5. I'm too lazy to even post this comment.
  6. You posted a longer one.
  7. Sounds like an epic idea, I wont partake but im very happy to donate a 10k rupee prize (Love from SMP1 #1783 super store) and im also happy to help you set the coords, (I have a nice island about 50k from the spawn)