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  1. how you play is i'd ask do you want to play the question game? then you have to answer with a quistion then the next person answers with a qeustion and so on but no repeating so i can say like how are you doing then you cant say how are you doing but after that how are you doing could be used again like a couple times later. you also can not be like sure, do you so it just has to be a quistion.And if you reapet or dont answer with a qustion you lose and the last actual quiestion poster will get the "point" and Please DONT EDIT YOUR POST unless your adding to it but please dont subtract anything

    ill start do you want to play the question game?
  2. Why did you answered the question with the word the bump and where is the next question and why did you answered your own question?
  3. Why would I not answer my quiestion with the word bumb?
  4. Dunno. Anyway..

    Do you like Coca-Cola?

    (This is kinda confussing game btw, not sure if I'm doing the right way)
  5. Do you like bannana nut bread
    (Some what but your not suppose to put the dunno In front of it
  6. Banana Nut bread is good, but I ask my question in the form of a song.. :3
  7. I'm afraid a llama drank it all... and this happened.

    Proton. What Proton am I thinking of?