The Quest n' Fetch! Need supplies? Come on in!

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  1. Welcome! Do you need some resources gathered, or are you just too busy to go out and get them yourself? Well look no further! I will gladly venture out into the wild, nether, or wherever and get what you want for low prices! I don't charge for distance. There is no place that is too far from my grasp. I charge based on what you want and how much of it you want, which we will privately discuss. Need a basis? Here is an example

    Object: Emerald Ore
    Quantity: 20
    Price: 1950 Rupees

    Object: Diamonds
    Quantity: 64
    Price: 1200 Rupees

    See? Not to shabby eh? Of course, these prices may fluctuate, but these are simply examples. All prices will be discussed and managed in a fair way, within your budget! And remember: If it's in the farlands, it isn't far enough!

    Disclaimer: I reserve the right to deny any orders if I feel like it will hold up other orders for too long of a time. If your order is denied, or I have taken too long to reply, then you may receive free rupees as an apology. I would honestly prefer PM's over posts in the thread, but I will take either. If you wish to become a Quest n' Fetch employee, PM me. for further details.

    Another thing! You may ask for rediculous amounts of items, but your order may take longer than usual as I will work here and there on your huge order. I have other orders to attend to and real life to attend to. It's not fair to me or my other customers if you ask for an absurd amount of items. While I have employees to work for me, all of us are not on 24/7. So I ask you, be pateint please! Your items will come!

    Quest n' Fetch employees: Scipio94, foodenator, nfell2009
  2. Note: Previous orders from my last thread are still going to be taken care of. You may need to remind me what you wanted however.
  3. I'll take 2 stacks of diamonds.
  4. Please make your order in the formula you see above.
  5. Julo, why did you start a new thread?
  6. Object: Diamonds
    Quantity: 320(5stacks)
    Price: 6,000 Rupees
  7. Needed to make some minor adjustments because of people asking for ridiculous amounts of items. Like 10 double chests of cobblestone. I have other orders to fill, and something like that takes a really long time.
  8. You could've just edited the OP in the other thread.
  9. People tend to overlook things.
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  10. Gold Ore
    27 Stacks (Single Chest)
  11. Glowstone:
    27 stacks (single chest)
  12. I didn't see he mentioned he was selling those items,nor for that price in this thread.

    If so. I'll order what the guys above me ordered too,Plus what I've already ordered.

    Object: Diamonds
    Quantity: 320(5stacks)
    Price: 6,000 Rupees

    Object:Gold Ore
    Amount:27 Stacks (Single Chest)

    Amount:27 stacks (single chest)

    Total: 19k
  13. As I stated before, your items will come. But you have to give us time. We all have personal lives to attend to. Me in particular since I have college. I am not glued to this game like many are. That being said, it will not take months for your orders to come in. But these are the constraints that I am under. If you wish for your items to be delivered on a near perfect and instant basis, I recommend you look to other businesses for your items. Nothing personal.
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  14. No problem at all! Please take your time just tell us when its ready :D
  15. And by the way i totally agree with your second generated achievement. All the time man.
  16. diamonds
    128 (2 stacks)
  17. can we have an update on how it is going with orders?