The Quest for Cheapness!

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  1. Hello Empire!
    I have always wanted to give players access to the cheapest shops around. Sadly i suck at selling things and hate setting up all those shop signs. That is why I founded Empire Park. This is a place were info on the cheapest shops empire wide can be found. The park is build on a huge sky platform (12 res's so far) on smp9 res 181211 or 18212. Not only will it be an info center, but a shop, and community center as well. I haven't finished building the massive structure yet, (I also hate dirt now) but I have decided it would be good to start collecting information. So now it is all up to you. If you sell ores, gems, ingots, or minerals pot a reply in the fallowing form and please only identify one item per entry.. Thank you!

    Price: (please be honest and use an actual price not something like "cheap" or "good priced")
    residence and sever:
    shop size: (if you are a small shop with a few items, a mid sized shop or a mall)
    notes: (anything else you would like to add or say)

    This serves as great advertizing for you great priced small, large or mid sized shop!
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  2. No one wants free advertizing for their shop?
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  3. Im gunna start selling Obsidian for 10r each
  4. Ok so on smp 9 res 18305. A beautiful shop will start to be built so I will let you know when it is open. :)
  5. Thank you but
  6. Please don't advertise on other people's threads, it's very rude.
  7. But that's what the thread is for. I'm trying to get info on cheap shops.
  8. What? That is what the thread is for :/ read before you speak
  9. I am going to have a potion stand at a res that is a WIP currently
  10. I thought he was asking for direct prices. I wasn't understanding the concept. :p
  11. I am. It seems you are the only person that understands that. But the tread is for advertising
  12. I've found that prices tend to fluctuate and when items are at a good price, stock tends to go fast! So I think your biggest challenge is going to be keeping up with not only current pricing but also keeping the info regarding which items are available at each shop up-to-date.

    I opted for a different option. I have a hub with 30+ teleports of shops big and small (only smp2). My res is 4346 on SMP2. Eventually I plan to separate teleports into sections for shops that tend to specialize in one type of item like say foodstuffs, or mega-malls. I like your idea though, have fun!

    P.S. I'll also try to post some prices here, but that's also a challenge (as you've already seen). I'm limited on playing-time right now and I think you'll find it hard to get shop owners to list all their prices. I think people like to change prices at-will and not get locked into a particular price. If they give you info and later change prices but don't have time to notify you, customers could get irritated.