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  1. Hello Empire!
    I have always wanted to give players access to the cheapest shops around. Sadly i suck at selling things and hate setting up all those shop signs. That is why I founded Empire Park. This is a place were info on the cheapest shops empire wide can be found. The park is build on a huge sky platform (12 res's so far) on smp9 res 181211 or 18212. Not only will it be an info center, but a shop, and community center as well. I haven't finished building the massive structure yet, (I also hate dirt now) but I have decided it would be good to start collecting information. So now it is all up to you. If you sell ores, gems, ingots, or minerals pot a reply in the fallowing form. Thank you! EDIT: IMPORTANT! please only identify one item per entry. Thanks!

    Price: (please be honest and use an actual price not something like "cheap" or "good priced")
    residence and sever:
    size: (if you are a small shop with a few items, a mid sized shop or a mall)

    This serves as great advertizing for you great priced small, large or mid sized shop!
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  2. Item: Yeah, I'm not gonna list every single item I sell...that would take like 2 hours to type out :p I sell almost all construction blocks, ores/ingots, organic material, spawn eggs, mob drops, wool, some redstone stuff, and enchantments.
    Prices: See above, I try to keep my prices reasonable.
    Residence & Server: 14859 on smp7
    I would consider myself a medium-large mall. I sell most items, but I do not buy any, and it is only 4 floors out of my tower reserved for the mall.
  3. Item: Horse egg (Horse, donkey,mule)
    Prices: For random egg 100r
    Res: ./v 1984
  4. items: horse eggs (horse,donkey,mules) enchanted books.
    Prices:horse=50r. Donkey=75r. mule=100r. enchanted books in between 150r-1000r.
    Shop size: Small
  5. Items: Almost all minecraft things
    Prices: Good Prices! Not very expensive
    Server: smp8
    Res: 16442
    Shop: Like a mini mall

    Note: This shop is still in progress due to me reseting my res but it should be up at somepoint soon. :) please still advertise it though. Thanks
  6. Item: Pretty much everything found underground
    Price: I keep the prices lower than any other shop to encourage people to buy from me
    residence and sever: 10901, Smp5
    if you are a small shop with a few items, a mid sized shop or a mall: a Mid sized soon to be a mall
  7. Item:Horse eggs
    Price:80r to 120r
    Size:Small shop
  8. guys listen
    I am only looking for the above at this time so you dont have to quote
    so only mined things at this point