The Pyro's in the house!!

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  1. Well, Pyro_vampiress is now on smp1! Check out my residence with /v pyro_vampiress, also planning on installing a shop system too!
  2. So do you boil the blood before you drink it?
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  3. Ah, no... I actually don't drink blood (maybe lick some every once in a while), but the name actually came from a Halloween party several years ago where I was dressed as a vampire and wouldn't stay away from the outdoor fire pit. I kept on playing with it and throwing random stuff in, and someone commented that I was a pyro vampire. There was a big talk about how it was such a huge oxymoron, and I decided that it was just original enough to keep for usernames and stuff.
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  4. How very disappointing. I was hoping you were a vampire and I could ask you stuff.Like how to focus the sparkle effect to use as a weapon.
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  5. Ew... sparkling vampires don't exist. Kind of like how you can't pick up a stick and shout Wingardium Leviosa at your little brother. Or Stupify. *sigh*
  6. I've done the stick thing.It worked for me.
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  7. But I want to know about the sparkling.I've played a game that let me sparkle as a vampire.I want to do that.
  8. Nope, no vampires sparkle. It's all in your head!~
  9. It was probably an outfit made of sequins. Was he a disco vampire?

    welcome pyro. please keep your flint and steel away from me :)
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  10. It's more than ironic... I think it's just a little stupid since it's a book about the existence of vampires that feed off of our auras instead of our blood. >.>
  11. Will do, will do. By the way, your name keeps on tricking me into thinking that it says 'Appartment.' Very tricky...
  12. Its from the game Dungeons of Dredmor.The old final skill(they've added more since then) for the vampire tree was the power to sparkle.
  13. Freaking lolled... Ah, making fun of Stephanie Meyer never gets old.
  14. I wish i could like people's avis.
  15. I am so glad you said that. I was afraid to say that.
  16. i don't mind what you call me. i've had all sorts. pavement, peppermint, dammit, hmm thats all i can think of. i guess only a few sorts after all.
  17. Why? Fear is simply an illusion. You should never be afraid to say what you mean.
  18. trust me, he's not.