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  1. I have created, and I am now selling at my new shop. I call it the Pyra-shop! Heres a list of what we sell.

    Brick: 20r for 8
    Glowstone: 2 for 50r
    Spawn Eggs: 10-15r
    Nether Brick: 8 for 20r
    Sandstone: 8 for 10r
    Obsidain: 8 for 40r
    Piston: 1 for 20r
    Gold Ingot: 1 for 10r
    Iron Ingot: 1 for 12r
    Blue Dye: 1 for 15r
    Diamond: 1 for 43r
    Coal: 8 for 15r
    Redstone Repeater: 1 for 7r
    Redstone Dust: 8 for 10r
    All Plank Types: 8 for 8-10r
    All Log Types: 8 for 40r
    Mossy Cobble: 1 for 9r
    Coblestone Stairs: 8 for 10r
    Stonebrick Stairs: 8 for 20r
    Stonebrick Slab: 8 for 20r
    Stone Slab: 8 for 8r
    Cobblestone: 8 for 4r
    Stone Brick: 8 for 15r
    Stone: 8 for 5r

    We also buy many things!
  2. Nice, Lots of items too. :)
  3. why is glowstone so much these days
  4. I have a price guarentee. I want you to go and find glowstone for cheaper, and I want you to list where you found the price, then I will beat that price by 1r or more.
  5. 2012-06-24_21.19.49.png
    Added a enchantment level, now time to go get XP!