The Pyramid Hotel!

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  1. Hi guys, i have just built a brand new small hotel on my lot (8189 on smp4). It is called the pyramid hotel. it has 10 rooms (2 Basic, 6 Luxury and 2 Super luxury). if you want to come and look around feel free to come to my lot. The hotel also has a swimming pool (not finished yet) Here are some pictures of the hotel:
    From the outside

    The Lobby

    Basic Room

    Luxury Room

    Super Luxury Room

    Prices PRICE DROP! SALE!Basic room- Buy 150r Rent (1 week) 25r Luxury room- Buy 300r Rent (1 week) 75r Super Luxury room- Buy 500r Rent (1 week) 100r 10% Discount for orders for being a Diamond supporter/mod/admin if you want a room ask below or PM me! Any questions below feel free to ask!
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