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  1. I notice, as I reside on smp6, that there are hardly ever any moderators on the server. Is there any way to have even moderation across all servers? I'm sure there are reasons I'm not aware of that may cause a problem with that, and I'm also sure that all moderator's have the ability to monitor all servers, but as a player, it's always easier to get in contact with a moderator who may be on the server in the case we may need assistance. Thanks!
  2. It may seem a bit of an effort, but staff are regularily browsing the forums, so any questions can be answered here pretty quickly.
    Supporters such as yourself are quite helpful in game also, so don't be scared to ask questions in game as other players often have the answers you seek.

    Staff will continue to be added as needed and as more servers are implemented, I personally plan to spend some extra time on smp5 and smp6 soon, after a little project is complete. :)
  3. Normal players such as you and I can moderate the server. You don't need a moderator to tell players which is right from wrong. If a player is misbehaving you can always type /report <name> <reason>.
  4. If you have a group of people doing wrong, you can only report once every thirty minutes. Which, is good for obvious reasons, but improbable for situations that arise where you need more than one report. I can always contact a moderator or staff member on the EMC forum via conversation. I do my best with helping to moderate. I do appreciate all the help, though!
  5. Your report problem with groups can be solved be mentioning all the names of the groud in the message of the first report like this "/report playerxy spammed the chat together with player2 player 3 ...". That should be enough.
  6. Well, for description purposes that would work, but wouldn't place the actual report option on each one named. But hey, it works the same in the end so that's what I'll do! It's not very often you have to report groups of players. EMC seems to have awesome citizens.
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