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  1. Vulcan 9500 The Player's Shop
    Hi everyone, Ice_Lightning99 and I have built 9500 as a mega mall but have never put the shops in... this is where you come in, you can hire half a floor at 9500 its 11 floors high and is nice looking it also has a memorable res number. It costs only 1,000r for the first trial month we are doing which is nothing compared to what you will make. On the half floor you must build a shop that sells at least 10 different items, please make the shop fairly well stocked and at decent prices because if you don't it could potentially lose publicity for other shops. We reserve the right to evict people which I doubt we will ever have to use. The idea is if we can get a good biggish shop selling most raw materials and other things it will gain popularity as the shop owner has to stock a fraction of a mega mall therefore can keep it almost always stocked and at good small shop prices in a large shop. Essentially this is what a mega mall is in real life lots of smaller shops coming together to form an environment with basically all you need this is what we are attempting. This will help the community and shop owners to get items and to sell items quicker and easier. Why wouldn't you try this?

    All of that put in short:

    • Half a floor costs 1k per month to rent (trial month).
    • you must have 10 different items in your shop (or if not talk to me or Ice).
    • The idea is to help the community and sellers as the sellers will sell more and the community will know where to get well priced and in stock items.
    • Well what are you waiting for ;) its only 1k this month try it
    Disclaimers: This is not a copy of playershops as that is a lot smaller areas that mostly advertise shops and are just mini versions thats not the primary purpose of 9500.

    Please post any questions or ideas or PM Ice and I

    Thank You
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  2. bump... plenty of room... cheap pice
  3. Go to /v playershops, and that's free forever and owned by a mod.
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