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  1. hey guys, Audi here. me and a couple of friends IRL, are all working on a shop on one of our plots called, the Player Market, at /v 3955, soon we will have everyshop in stock, and every item ingame sold, even dirt, and sand. If you were at the drop party last night, I hope you had fun, and we plan on having a bunch more of these in the future. our prices on everything will be CHEAPER then /shop, and more fair then any other player owned shop. as you can see in my plot, I completly worked it around to just be an obstical course, and my secret base under ground. so comment if you'd like to donate items or rupees for the cause, and/or have heard or been to the market, and tell me what yall think :D
  2. Cool, I look forward to seeing this !!
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  3. Reserved for prices of items on a list later today.
  4. :D we already have a couple stacks of wood,wool(all types),bonemeal,diamonds,ingots, ect, we all plan on geting diamond supporter next month and putting everything we have into this, it will give players a chance to NOT ONLY BUY, but to SELL items back to shop, for more then half the price we sell it for.

    PS:gosh justin, you sure read fast..
  5. If this gets running, It'll probably stabilize the standard prices? xD
  6. Yes! Atleast a nice baseline value :) I support this idea