The Plastic Demon Crew

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  1. The Plastic Demon Crew!

    We will be a crew that will find a place to survive in the wild. On Smp2. We will work together to do all sorts of stuff.
    Ruin the economy, kill bosses, go on adventures. It's well super awesome! We will be a base out pretty far.
    We will do what ever we want and nobody can stop us. (Well maybe if we get attacked by a few Marlixs...)
    If you want to sign up today then well sign up. We will go and adventure tomorrow at sometime around 4-7 Pm EST. We need some people for jobs and all. So I will show the application :)
    We might go public like LLO. But thats a maybe.
    Why do you think you should join:
    What are you good at:
    Are you pretty active:

    The most important rule is to have FUN :)

  2. Wait, the what? I would give the name a rethink. It makes e think of those furbies. PLASTIC DEMONS!!!
  3. Heehee. I wanted an interesting name.
  4. Also if anyone can bring building supplies that would help!
  5. Be bump de dump