The Pinniped Invasion.

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  1. As some of you may have seen, we are experiencing an Invasion of Arctic Foxes here on the Forums. To Combat the Arctic Fox menace, we shall mass an army of Pinnipeds! Grab every Walrus, Seal, or Sea Lion you can, it is the only way to stop the Foxes!

    To become a member of the Pinniped Army, replace your current Avatar with that of a Pinniped (Walruses, Seals, and Sea Lions)Best Minecraft Servers

    Do it. This Seal pup commands you to.
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  2. Pinnipeds aren't anywhere near as cute as foxes. You've already lost...
  3. True. My pic has nothing to do with snow or foxes, but hey, it looks similar to one. :p
  4. I am a fox so this counts.
  5. *Raises eyebrows* Combat the AFI? Nice try, but we're invincible.
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  6. I send The Elephant Seal Army to Attack AFI Headquarters!
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  7. Your army is stopped in its track by this cuteness:
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    (yeah yeah i know they're arctic wolves, but I couldn't resist)
  8. Wow. Impressive. :rolleyes: Now it's my turn.
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    Sorry to hit you with such death, but it really wasn't even a contest, now was it? To be fair, I did warn you: