The Phenominon Hotel! (Smp9) Come and Visit!

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  1. I present to you my hotel on smp9!
    The Phenominon Hotel! Heres what it looks like
    2013-05-23_20.19.04.png -the beautiful quartz lobby
    2013-05-23_20.20.45.png -The teleports
    2013-05-23_20.19.38.png -The Backyard (includes beacon)
    2013-05-23_20.20.18.png -Hotel from the back (so far)
    Room Pictures:
    when you enter the end of the lobby there will be signs directing you
    More Info:
    Presidential Rooms:
    -Not completed yet
    -there will be about 6 of them, or more
    -top two floors (silver and dark blue)
    -will be around 2k, could definatley change.
    Regular Rooms:
    -Rooms in the pictures
    -500r for life
    -chest comes with food, and includes furnace and workbench.
    -includes two beds, two windows, and a table
    -two paintings in each room, each room has different paintings.
    -first seven floors: red, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown and light blue
    -Signs above the teleports tell you how many rooms are available on that floor atm.
    Hotel In general:
    -60x20x71 wooden planks
    -Beacon with speed bost (can be changed if asked by a resident, only 1st two tiers though
    -Built by mostly me, a tiny, tiny bit by bumblebray.
    -Res 18512, Smp9
    Thanks To:
    -pw8050- for letting me use one of his res's for the hotel.
    -emirafe- letting me use his res for growing trees. (it got unclaimed though:()
    -Donation of rupees may get you a room if you donate enough, and a spot on the donators wall.
    If you want a room:
    Fill out this Application:
    Player Name:
    What room you would like:
    When you will pay:
    How Much you paid: (incase of donations)
    Will you talk about this hotel with friends on EMC?
    Example Application:
    Player Name: Electrobomb
    What room would you like? E-1
    When will you pay? After this post:)
    How Much you paid? 600r, 100r donation:)
    Will you talk about this hotel with friends on EMC? Why not:p
    If you have any question feel free to ask:) ~Electrobomb
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  2. If I ever need to store stuff on smp9 I will buy a room :)
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  7. Kewl beans of a hotel
  8. Anyone want to buy a room? :p