The Perfect Horse

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  1. So, lately, on every single server, and every single world I play on, I've been trying to get the perfect horse, a horse with the characteristics of Incitatus, Valens, and Saltar, combined. Of course, I only have incitatus. So, I was looking for people that are willing to assist me, people that may have Saltar, or Valens. Im thinking that the perfect horse would have around 115-130% speed, 90-100% jump, and around 25, maybe 30 Health Points.
  2. 100% is the maximum for jump :p
  3. Yes, I just realized that :p
  4. 200% is the actual max :)
  5. Aikar please don't try to ruin the economy any more. Please
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  6. But he didn't do anything to ruin it, that post doesn't correspond to anything actually happening.
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  7. Aikar didnt ruin the economy. Nor did he try.
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  8. *cough* Admin horse *cough*
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  9. Big Davie has a wicked looking Zombie Horse, so the staff is lucky for getting their own special stuff! :D
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  10. So does Shaunwhite1982, it's a Sr.Staff horse :p
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  11. Its actually an Undead Horse :)
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  12. I would love a skeletal horse. That would be awesome! :D
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  13. Could you please elaborate? If nothing else, is it possible to legitimately obtain a horse with over 100% jump on EMC?
  14. I wouldn't think so, otherwise wouldn't saltar have it? Pretty sure it's just editing.