The Perfect Cobble Generator

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Is this good?

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Yes 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. -Unbiased opinion.

    So, I was noticing that I am the only human on earth that makes quarries for stone instead of generators. So I made a proof-of-concept on creative, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

    Maybe not proud of video quality, though.

    If the recording freeware didn't lag, that would seem a lot better. Mind that the piston clock was on the slowest setting, the fastest it can actually go while still remaining stable is 3 cobble / 9 ticks.

    And I even have a poll, so I fit in more.
  2. Might have to slow it down a slight bit in smp, though. lag messes with it :l
  3. yeah... i singleplayer cobblegens are amazing.. but for some reason in servers... you might as well just go to the wild with an empty inventory and 5 pickaxes and go to work until they all break. It would be faster... they are honestly not worth the trouble.
  4. i have a design for a cobble gen that works on all servers. you mine from underneath but the issue is if you have a diamond pick. your pretty much screwed. you hit a sign that keeps the lava and the water in place you get a huge mess. especially bad news if your house is made of wood cause your gonna have the likelyhood of loosing the house and all your wares if you have a shop
  5. I've built a lot of cobble gens in my year playing minecraft and I think this one is the best I have come upon for multiplayer servers. It doesn't lag hardly at all and if you stand to the side and just hold down the mouse button you can mine continuously without fear of hitting something in the machine and cause the mess mentioned above. I make mine of obsidian anyway just in case but there is very little mess, fuss, or worry with this one. I also like how it looks. I usually build it into a wall and just let a portion of it stick out in the open.

    However, if yours works well on the server then I don't see why it isn't a great gen! Keep up the good work.
  6. Good job on the concept, make a vid tutorial so i can make one?
  7. nice design but piston operated cobble gens have flaws as you already mentioned. smoothstone gens are better but servers are to slow and they dont work on multi for beans. mine is non automatic and is on youtube. took the idea and modified it it can be made to be a auto gen but mine is an auto collecting generator. so all your stuff goes to one spot.
  8. The only real flaw is that the Clock lags to no end on SMP like was previously mentioned.
    Fix your game, Notch!

    Er, Jeb!
  9. lol its not jeb and its nothing the developers can do. theres always latency on a server cause the time it takes for your game to upload to the current server do the action and send it back to you its delayed x amount of miliseconds, as to if you build something in creative/survival mode on your pc/mac theres no feed return delay thusly making things work correctly

    only way to build and perfect any machine in minecraft is to build it on a server with load. such as smp and do trial and error to get it right
  10. i looks more like smp lag :)

  11. I did make one on my Lot on SMP2. It works quite nicely, regardless of the immense lag it causes.
    It would be good for multiple people, possibly 4 if it was two blocks deeper.
  12. ill pay for one ok
  13. Okay, but it takes a lot of stuff. I'll show you it on SMP2 if you want to demo it. I messed that one up, though.
  14. ok how much rupees? :cool:
  15. ill pay unto 1000 rupees;)
  16. Depends on how big you want it.
    But we can talk more on the server or something of that sort.
  17. i would agree with this it's the fastest and smallest cobble gen i have seen yet
  18. ok how much for biggest size
  19. i grade comble gens but i think as of right now randomzh takes the price for best
  20. yeah i am planning to have a cobble generator for every type imaginable